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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Alberto Parmegiani and Gaetano Partipilo

While getting lost in YouTube, I came across a very cool taping of an Italian quintet gig. I'd heard of the saxophonist Gaetano Partipilo before (he's played with Mike Moreno), but the other names were new to me.

Partipilo has a lot of clear, fresh ideas here -- logical and accessible but also lively and new. What struck me most immediately, though, was guitarist Alberto Parmegiani. I'm hearing more and more chorus and reverb in the world of jazz guitar these days, so it was refreshing to hear other effects being used to great... well, effect. (Don't get me wrong: I love chorus and reverb and use plenty of both myself.)

I sent him a MySpace message asking him what he was using here to kick his guitar's register up an octave. He said it's a Boss PS-5 Super Shifter. The sound he gets is eerie and mesmerizing itself, but his melodic vocabulary is quite modern, too. Sadly, taping is cut off in the middle of his solo.

The rhythm section gets to shine in "Part 3." They're cohesive, and the drummer creates some great textures. See "Part 1" for a clean, straight-ahead burner. Parmegiani gets busy in a guitar/piano duet here.

Check him out on HisSpace, as well. He has quite the credentials!


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