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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Southern Exposure

Required listening: Head over to guitarist Jonathan Kreisberg's MySpace to hear the title track from his forthcoming album, South of Everywhere. It has everything fans of modern jazz guitar heroes could want: eerie effects, bright energy, jazz-rock headiness, rich colors, and long, labyrinthine lines. I vividly remember this tune from one of his West Coast performances earlier this year. And if his arrangement of "Stella By Starlight" is the same as then, it'll definitely surprise you: his original songs are incredibly catchy, but his strong compositional signature is clear on his reworkings of standards (just when you thought Stella was tired). The new album drops September 18th.

Extra credit: Hear more of Kreisberg's playing with singer/songwriter Mark Murphy (not to be confused with the jazz vocalist by the same name). Also, there's a video of him accompanying Jane Monheit.

And for the guitar enthusiast in general, check out Jazz Guitar Life. They have some good interviews with players deserving wider exposure (including Kreisberg, Sheryl Bailey, Jimmy Bruno).


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