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Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Few Distractions

- One of my fave new organist-keyboardists, Sam Yahel, will be releasing a new disc in June. Joshua Redman and Brian Blade (from the Elastic Band and Yaya3) join forces with Yahel again for Truth and Beauty, but there's a cast change for Yahel's East Coast tour (guitarist Peter Bernstein and drummer Gregory Hutchinson) as they open for... Steely Dan. Info here. The Elastic Band with Blade is a well-oiled groove machine, but after seeing them with Hutchinson in the drum chair last year, I have to say Yahel's chemistry with him is just as thrilling.

- Daniel Melnick of Soundslope lays out some keen points on Ornette's recent Pulitzer and some arguments put forth by Terry Teachout and Frank Oteri. The comments there (Ornette's visibility, the jazz award "bandwagon") are definitely food for thought. Also see his guest post on Malachi Favors at Destination: Out.

- The soulful Funky16Corners gives us some fabulous Philly sounds.


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