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Friday, February 09, 2007


In the past couple days, colleagues have been pointing me to a number of Sonny Rollins-related articles, videos and the like. With all the posthumous appreciations recently, it's much nicer to read even small stories on living legends:

Firstly, you may have already heard that the Royal Swedish Academy of Music recently awarded Newk (and Steve Reich) the Polar Music Prize.

Also, while URGE is a download service mainly for the MTV audience, they've recently posted a Q&A with Sonny. It's brief but touches on some personal points.
Actually, I think I was institutionalized when I wrote "Doxy." The gory details, well it was back at a time when I was hooked on drugs, and while I was institutionalized my mind turned to music, and I had an opportunity to play with a band, a sort of Protestant Chapel Band -- we played hymns and such. It's not a pleasant memory. But it's fruitful in that I was able to overcome those problems.
Read the interview here. (You may be asked to download URGE if you don't already have it. The program, however, isn't Mac-compatible.)

And I had completely forgotten about the podcast series and numerous videos at his website. Look for the 1963 "Jazz Casual" interview with Sonny by Ralph J. Gleason.


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