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Friday, February 09, 2007

More Blogs

You'll find some new blogs in the right-hand sidebar:

mp3 goodness:

- Dinosaur Gardens: A belated but deeply thorough and essential post on James Brown is currently up. Even after his passing, though, the hardest working man in show business doesn't get any rest. The debate about where he's to be buried continues.

- Funky 16 Corners: the Isley Brothers are currently up. Need I say more?

- Metro Distortion: News and neat sounds here for the edgier rocker. Wicked Mars Volta clips have recently caught my eyes/ears...

For the composer:

- Postclassic: I should've started reading this a long time ago...

- Pulse: Darcy James Argue has perhaps the most (jazz-)blogospherical presence of this composers' collective, but this site will point you to some other keen places. Impressive roster of performers, too.

Musicians (trumpetistically speaking):

- SpiderMonkey Stories: Trumpeter Taylor Ho Bynum's often-informative ruminations. See also his insightful post at Destination: Out on a cornet/drums duo performance (Olu Dara and Phillip Wilson).

- Stop the Play and Watch the Audience: Creative West Coast trumpeter Kris Tiner's sounding board: trials, travels, news, "new music," etc. Hear some at HisSpace.


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