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Friday, February 09, 2007

More Blogs

You'll find some new blogs in the right-hand sidebar:

mp3 goodness:

- Dinosaur Gardens: A belated but deeply thorough and essential post on James Brown is currently up. Even after his passing, though, the hardest working man in show business doesn't get any rest. The debate about where he's to be buried continues.

- Funky 16 Corners: the Isley Brothers are currently up. Need I say more?

- Metro Distortion: News and neat sounds here for the edgier rocker. Wicked Mars Volta clips have recently caught my eyes/ears...

For the composer:

- Postclassic: I should've started reading this a long time ago...

- Pulse: Darcy James Argue has perhaps the most (jazz-)blogospherical presence of this composers' collective, but this site will point you to some other keen places. Impressive roster of performers, too.

Musicians (trumpetistically speaking):

- SpiderMonkey Stories: Trumpeter Taylor Ho Bynum's often-informative ruminations. See also his insightful post at Destination: Out on a cornet/drums duo performance (Olu Dara and Phillip Wilson).

- Stop the Play and Watch the Audience: Creative West Coast trumpeter Kris Tiner's sounding board: trials, travels, news, "new music," etc. Hear some at HisSpace.


In the past couple days, colleagues have been pointing me to a number of Sonny Rollins-related articles, videos and the like. With all the posthumous appreciations recently, it's much nicer to read even small stories on living legends:

Firstly, you may have already heard that the Royal Swedish Academy of Music recently awarded Newk (and Steve Reich) the Polar Music Prize.

Also, while URGE is a download service mainly for the MTV audience, they've recently posted a Q&A with Sonny. It's brief but touches on some personal points.
Actually, I think I was institutionalized when I wrote "Doxy." The gory details, well it was back at a time when I was hooked on drugs, and while I was institutionalized my mind turned to music, and I had an opportunity to play with a band, a sort of Protestant Chapel Band -- we played hymns and such. It's not a pleasant memory. But it's fruitful in that I was able to overcome those problems.
Read the interview here. (You may be asked to download URGE if you don't already have it. The program, however, isn't Mac-compatible.)

And I had completely forgotten about the podcast series and numerous videos at his website. Look for the 1963 "Jazz Casual" interview with Sonny by Ralph J. Gleason.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Picture Perfect

Though it's been available online for a while, a promoter friend, Dick LaPalm, recently tipped me off about an interactive version of the photo, "A Great Day in Harlem."

In '94, some ingenious souls made the famous 1958 photograph a clickable biographical map of jazz history. Since then, it's been given a sleek overhaul with more complete biographies. Very, very cool.

This was picture Art Kane's first assignment as a professional photographer. More great photos are available at the Art Kane Archive.
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