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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ruiz Family Sues Club Utopia

After the passing of Hilton Ruiz earlier this month, all eyes were on the New Orleans Police Department, which stated that Ruiz had sustained injuries to his face and head during an accidental fall which ultimately led to his death weeks later. Ruiz's family is skeptical of this account and is suing Club Utopia, where he was seen exiting the night he was found injured.

An excerpt:

After he had been in the Utopia for several hours, the lawsuit alleges, Ruiz was attacked by several people. The club's security workers "failed to intervene in any meaningful fashion," or to call an ambulance for Ruiz, but instead threw or escorted him out and "abandoned" him even though he was clearly unable to make his way to safety, the suit alleges.

Read the entire AP article here.


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