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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dave Douglas Feature

Trumpeter Dave Douglas is enjoying an incredible amount of autonomy in the "post-record label environment that we're in," as he put it in an interview with me back in April. Having launched his own label, Greenleaf Music, in 2005 and released Meaning and Mystery earlier this year, he's been enjoying another well-deserved wave of attention from the jazz world.

Of course, there was never really a time when Douglas didn't vast degree of autonomy over his music and career. He's never been the kind of talent one can rein in or subdue; his passion and integrity of musical vision have produced some intriguing and progressive groups such as the Balkan-influenced Tiny Bell Trio, the contemporary-classical-meets-improvisation string group Parallel Worlds as well as the lush, lyrical Charms of the Night Sky which employs violin, accordion and drums. With a sound that ranges from whispery to wild, his music is some of today's most creative.

In this feature, hear about his musical influences ("diverse" is an understatement), the composing process, the inspirations and ins and outs of albums like Freak In, Keystone, Soul on Soul and The Tiny Bell Trio and what his plans are for the future.

Listen to: a Dave Douglas feature.

Drop by Greenleaf Music's blog and TheirSpace.


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