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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Maria Schneider Feature

Arranger, composer and bandleader Maria Schneider made Grammy history with her 2005 album Concert in the Garden (which won for Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album), selling it exclusively through her website. This album, however, is only part of an impressive body of work from a fertile, forward-thinking compositional mind. Now, she's finding more and more demand for her music in the mainstream modern jazz world, and her music is more accessible (in the literal sense) to her fans than ever before. She's the first "success story" for the ArtistShare label, which gathers support for its artists by giving their fans a look into the creative process.

Here, we get a glimpse into her own process, her earliest orchestral gigs, how Mel Lewis motivated her to start her own band, her experience with Gil Evans and Bob Brookmeyer and the pressure of commissions.

Listen to: a Maria Schneider feature.


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