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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

More jazz blogs

A few more jazz blogs to dig (links added on right, as well):

- Jazz and Conversation: Voila, the blog for veteran jazz DJ/programmer Nick Francis, currently MD for KPLU, Seattle. Some nice jazz mp3 mixes featured weekly on his site along with artist backgrounds, commentary, etc. New sounds mixed in with the classics!

- Jazz Portraits: Here, you'll find Joe Moore, station manager of KFSR in Fresno, CA. Good place to stay up-to-date with new jazz releases, to keep classic sounds in your ear, and for the industry insider's perspective on jazz trends.

- Rifftides: Eminent jazz journalist/author Doug Ramsey. Often, you'll find multiple posting here daily with plenty of background and insight. His most recent book is Take Five: the Public and Private Lives of Paul Desmond.

- Also, note that Xanax Taxi has relocated to http://jazz-improvisation-fusion-funk.blogspot.com/ -- same cool tunes, new home.


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