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Friday, November 04, 2005

Jonathan Kreisberg

This year, guitarist Jonathan Kreisberg has released two stellar new albums, both of which will hopefully get him the attention his talent deserves. This NYC native was educated at University of Miami and spent some time touring the East Coast before returning to his hometown. A relatively young player of eclectic experience, his past projects range from his prog rock group, Third Wish, to electric jazz, to 20th Century classical works with the New World Symphony. Throughout, he's developed some formidable jazz chops and currently holds court each Wednesday at La Lanterna di Vittorio in Greenwich Village. Kreisberg has a keen, edgy compositional style but never fails to show us the music in his high-octane licks. Great tunes, chops galore and a beautifully warm, clean, modern tone.

New For Now features Hammond B3-ist Gary Versace and drummer Mark Ferber. The trio has tremendous drive and interplay! Buy New For Now here.

Unearth is released on the newly launched Mel Bay Records (the same company that brought you the instrumental method books!). Trumpeter Scott Wendholt is a killer soloist, and Aaron Goldberg on Rhodes gives the disc that perfect contemporary touch. Buy Unearth here.


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