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Friday, October 28, 2005

Dave Douglas and Keystone

Dave Douglas has done it again with an intriguing release with his most recent project Keystone on his own Greenleaf Music label. His new compositions are inspired by one of American film's earliest comic actors Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle. (The group takes its name from the production company that put out Arbuckle's films in the 1910s.) Douglas's projects are ambitious and he always seems to meet with success. The pieces on the new album include keyboards, sax, drums, bass and turntables. It's an alluring mix of jazz, fusion, R&B, dub and the sextet can get pretty rockin' at moments, a perfect showcase for his powerful tone and unequalled musicality as a soloist and composer. Recently, Douglas performed these tunes in Seattle alongside the actual films! I'm a sucker for ridiculously creative academic stuff, especially when it gels like this, but it's appeal is more than cerebral. Sample some full-length streaming tunes like "Tragicomique" or "Mabel Normand" here (as well as other recent efforts on Greenleaf) and buy Keystone! There's also a pretty interesting paper on "Fatty" Arbuckle's story here.


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